lunes, 22 de junio de 2015

Tips for losing weight

In 21 days the body adapts to the new eating habits, this means that if a person does not consume sugar for 21 days, day 22 is no longer needed. This happens with all foods, and is a way of building eating habits, but attention, good and bad.

1. Sugar and alcoholic beverages provide no nutritional value, they are empty calories, sweet taste can be replaced with ground cinnamon with zero calories.

2. Aim to lose weight in a healthy and achievable motivation to continue feeding the long-term goals.

3. Contrary to what is popularly supposed: to lose weight you have to eat, you need to eat 5 or 6 meals a day to keep metabolism running, portions and ingredients for these meals are the key to weight loss.

4. Avoid processed foods. They contain a high amount of sodium and preservatives that generate extra kilos, you should learn how to choose fresh food and always try to eat raw vegetables in salads.

5. One of the best tricks to lose weight: reduce the size of the portions. The portions should be the size of a closed fist hand every two hours as ceiling between each, choosing foods like defatted protein and carbohydrates of good quality such as fruits and vegetables.

6. It is important to drink water, it is the life force of the human body, digestion, to remove toxins, lubricating cells, etc. In many cases, headaches are symptoms of dehydration. Whenever a headache you have, instead of taking an analgesic, consume natural water.

"How much water should I drink?" You know performing a simple operation: your weight in kilograms multiplied by 7 and divided by 100, the result is the number of glasses of 250 cc will need to consume at least a day.

Example: A person weighing 70 kg * 7/100 = 4.9 = 5 glasses

7. To accelerate the loss of body fat is necessary to complement the chosen with regular exercise to tone muscle mass and prevent the skin flaps when rapidly slimming diet.

8. Make a list of all meals, very detailed, to know where we can replace addictive foods full of fat nutritious and natural foods that are the generators of strengthening the immune system.